The Parma region is a territory offering a rich variety of products heralding Italian food excellence. From the canned food industry to the pasta industry, from the artisan production of cured meats and cheeses (often protected and certified through the PDO and PGI - Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication – designations) to a great number of small and very small artisans and operators of the catering industry: every day, they propose simply prepared premium food products, stemming from perfect synergy between century-old tradition passed down through generations and technological innovation combined with food safety.
The history of the Guidi company perfectly fits to this context: for more than a century the Guidi company has been producing the Spongata, the traditional cake of the Parma region, in the village of Corniglio, in the Alta Val Parma region located in the heart of the National Park of the Tuscan Emilian Apennines. The fourth generation of the Guidi family is managing the company, but the fifth generation , with Mariachiara and Michelangelo, is now also coming into the company management.
The Guidi company has always counted on some important strengths: a strong relationship with its territory and its origins and the awareness of being the owner of century-old traditions to be protected and passed down to future generations. Some years ago, this awareness gave birth to the motto “Sapori nel tempo (Tastes over time)…” and to the name of the shop “Spongateria di Corniglio”.
Our very small laboratory is a true jewel, perfectly equipped and organized, where we prepare our products exclusively through artisan methods and in full compliance with the HACCP manual which sets forth, among other provisions, analysis and sampling of both the working environment and the production process. Within this context, we also undergo rigorous controls by external auditors, required by some of our customers , who carry out periodical monitoring and control AUDITS to ascertain compliance with the highest standards set forth by EU regulations on Food Safety. Our production offers a wide range of products (approximately 50), most of which are mainly sold in our ‘Spongateria di Corniglio’. One of our company projects is focused on the penetration of foreign markets. We planned the participation in some international Fairs with 2 brands (Guidi Artisan Food Italia; Michelangelo) and 3 lines of products catering 4 market channels: Fine – Food, Ho.Re.Ca., Retail, and Gift baskets.
Our offer encompasses a selection of our own premium products and other products supplied by prestigious and reliable companies located over the whole Italian territory.